The next morning will revolve around the evergreen icons of Delhi. The ‘Rajpath’ or the ‘Royal Road’ will lead you to the Rashtrapati Bhavan- the residence of the President of India. This masterpiece of British architecture with 340 rooms and 190 acres of garden area will not only remind you of the old colonial days but also help you realise how India has beautifully embraced its colonial legacy. You will then proceed to India Gate – a centrepiece of the capital city. A twin of the Triumphal Arch in France- this gate is ideal for the cover page of your photo album titled ‘Trip to India’. As the day ends, the sunset skies will be adorned by the tallest minaret of the world as you head towards your last stop- The Qutub Minar, the prototype of all minarets ever built in India and the highest single tower of the country. Built in 1193- it’s height of a whopping 73m is truly commendable for an era where anything more than 25m seemed unbelievably tall!