After saying goodbye to the Mughal World post breakfast, it is now time to knock the durbars of Rajputana, the land of pristine Indian Royalties. While you travel to Jaipur- the capital of Rajasthan, you will have the perfect opportunity to recollect your memories and experiences in northern India and talk or write about them and perhaps go through a fact-book which you may have bought from souvenir shop. Upon reaching Jaipur, the heritage property of your five star hotel- The Raj Palace, will give you a slight idea of the marvels you are going to see while roaming about a land where rituals and royalties surpass all odds! As you see the cities clustered in and around its pink walls and gates, take pride in the fact that you will be touring the first ever planned city of India with Vedic principles of Vastu Shashtra incorporated to guarantee the comfort and prosperity of its citizens and of course- travellers like you!